For 20+ years, we’ve crafted better experiences and stronger relationships between our clients and their audiences. We’re a team of creatives, thinkers, challengers, makers and doers who care deeply about the work we do, the people we do it for, and the planet we all share.

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We're working towards an open, transparent workspace that prioritises people and planet

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Our Team

Headshot of Alex Connolly

Alex Connolly

Interaction & Experience Designer
Headshot of Brian Heffernan

Brian Heffernan

Communication and Connection
Headshot of Cat Robertson

Cat Robertson

Communication and Connection
Design Lead
Headshot of Ciara McGowan

Ciara McGowan

Communication and Connection
Design Associate
Headshot of Grace McGinn

Grace McGinn

Interaction and Experience
Headshot of Johnny Kelly

Johnny Kelly

Managing Director Dublin
Headshot of Oisin Ralph

Oisin Ralph

Communication and Connection
Design Associate

In recent years we have set new policies that align with our values. Feel free to poke around or pinch as you see fit.

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I’ve got a project, who do I talk to?

Best starting point is to get in touch with our director Johnny, he’s best to have an initial conversation and then work out which of the team would be good to involve in a deeper conversation.

Can I apply for an internship?

We have an annual graduate programme that runs from September to December every year. You can read more about it here, and read some of our previous graduates stories too. We run the programme with our sister company wove and graduates get experience across – research, strategy, brand and digital. Best thing to do is follow the wovegraduate programme instagram, and any of our other socials to stay informed…


Do you have any job opportunities?

We wish we had more job opportunities! We’re a small, tight knit company and so new jobs don’t come up that often. We’d encourage you to connect with us and our team on linkedin as that’s where we share opportunities when they come up.


Are you related to wove?

Yes, we call wove our sister company. Both aad and wove are dedicated to bringing design to the heart of businesses and organisations, helping them to change how things work for the better. Wove is focused on strategy, innovation and change projects, and at aad we’re focused on brand, digital and content projects.


I see you’re a B Corp, what is that?

We are indeed a proud B Corp, and are also surprised how little known the B Corp movement still is. Put simply it’s an approach to further ‘business for good’. Interested companies have to work through a process of developing policies, structures and initiatives that enshrine a triple bottom line – people and planet as well as profit. It’s a rigorous yet valuable process, and we’d recommend it for those who are driven by these kind of values. We’re always happy to offer a friendly ear and advice to anyone who wants to know more.


What is this about a website having a carbon impact?

Yes, websites have a carbon impact because they use energy. While the picture we have of digital platforms, products and tools is that they’re in the cloud and therefore ‘weightless’, that isn’t the case. Extra bells and whistles, content no one uses, poorly optimised images and motion, hiding content away behind layers of clicks. All this has an impact on energy usage. This is something we consider with every site we build, how to maximise the impact while minimising the energy usage. We’re always happy to talk more about this so please do get in touch.


Why is the question I have not here?

That’s a great question! Please do get in touch and ask it, and we may even add it to this list.

Brian Headshot Brian

If there is Something we didn’t cover here, please reach out to us at hello@aad.works !